Maho Hikino Maho Hikino

In this video installation, a large amount of glass hangs by a fishing line, water is added, a little salt and clock parts submerged, and its image projected.
The glass constantly sways, reflecting the light off the image, casting shadows, distorting, and sparkling.
The clock, submerged in water, breaks and becomes dirty with the stains on its hands when it gradually rusts during the session.
The permanent reproduction of digital media called video and the transient phenomenon of hanging glass overlap.
That reflects memory and thinking about the world.
This place where we are is neither infinite nor eternal.
In our time, our position, our emotions are constantly flowing, and we cannot grasp even that moment. Therefore, between the past and the future, the present is always ambiguous.
But a few things in common are the source, and I can get blood through my body. That is the beginning of an infinite connection with the world.
I don't know most of the world.
Eventually, I will be gone. Still, I scoop the world with a transparent container.
There are ambiguous records, bleeding visibility, lack of whereabouts, all loss, and endless requiem. The soft world where they are connected and reborn is always overflowing.
The title "Nostalgia" is the same as the painting drawn by my great uncle, surrealist painter Kiyotaka Asahara (1915-1945) in 1938 (Showa 13).
* "Nostalgia" Kiyotaka Asahara, 1945 Oil on canvas, forehead, 1 side, collection of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo


  • Maho Hikino Maho Hikino

    Born in Hyogo prefecture in 1985, she graduated in 2008 from Doshisha Women's University, Department of Information Media, and in 2010, completed the Information Arts Course at Tama Art Graduate School.
    She creates video presentations, art projects and more. She pursuits regenerating and reconstructing memories, such as textures, sensations, and emotions.
    She worked in NY from 2013 to 2015, and in the same year she launched and presided over the Japanese artists’ collective "ART BEASTIES" based in NY.
    Her major exhibitions include 2020 "ART BEASTIES @ Cornish College of the Arts: Art Incubator Residency" at Alhadeff Studio (Seattle), 2019 “Absence" at the OFS Gallery (Solo Exhibition, Shirokane 5-chome Award Finalist), and 2018 "Time Difference vol.3 New York-Seattle-London-Tokyo" at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (selected by Tomi Selection).

    Photo by Tokio Kuniyoshi