Yodogawa Technique Yodogawa Technique
Yanbaru Ogomi Uo

A large garbage fish created from the ocean garbage that drifted to a beach in Yambaru.
It’s illuminated at night!


オリエンタルホテル 沖縄リゾート&スパ


  • Yodogawa Technique Yodogawa Technique

    Artist Hideaki Shibata, born in 1976 in Okayama Prefecture, uses trash, driftwood, and other objects from the sea.
    He creates stunning sculptures that are unimaginable from the original appearance of the garbage.
    He specializes in producing objects from the garbage and enjoys interaction with people unique to the area he's visiting.
    "Uno's Chinu" and "Uno's Small Chinu" on permanent exhibit at the Uno Port in Okayama Prefecture are exceptionally well known.
    Courtesy of the artist and yukari art